AMI Engineering work methodology is Concurrent Engineering combined with execution of INNOVATIVE solutions within time and cost restraints using latest software. To sustain, AMI is steadfast and:

  • Employ degreed engineers with skill sets and passion for EXECELLENCE, EXECUTION and INNOVATIONS at the highest professional and ethical levels.
  • Invest in latest 4 th generation CNC machines, equipment and software.
  • Advance AMI 3i continuous improvement program – INNOVATE, INNOVATE, INNOVATE.
  • Safety and environmental regulations are never compromised.


Current software in use includes Solid Works, Cam Works, CAD/CAM, Autodesk, Pro-E, and ImageJ.



  • ESI – Early Supplier Involvement Solicit invitation to participate Clients ESI Program to recommend suggestions for product manufacturability, form-fit-function, esthetics, and life to enhance program cost projections and market introduction timeline.
  • FEA – Finite Element Analysis Assist Clients in identifying or solving potential performance and/or wear issuses.
  • R&D – Research & Development Offer proposal to design and build; Automatic brazing or soldering machines. Test equipment for leak or pressure test. Conduct reverse engineering.
  • 3D Printing Proto-type samples
  • Mold Flow Analysis Improve gating to minimize casting anomalies, grain size and/or direction.
  • Project Engineering Coordinate, monitor, report progress and convene meetings, as required, to ensure project is on schedule and within timeline.
  • Value Engineering Evaluate and develop manufacturing alternatives to reduce product cost.
  • Ceramic Matrix Composite Machining Facilitate increase RPM and/or machining of aerospace HRSA material at reduced costs.


  • Processing, create and issue:
    • Routings - Specify part type code, material, all operations, machine centers, machine or equipment name, production rates, outside services and any notes required to complete part. Confirm unit cost meets target cost.
    • Operation drawings
    • Set-up Instructions
  • Design Tools & Fixtures and ensure
    • Proper cutting tool geometry
    • Fixture locates part against datum with loading and positioning part “fool proof”.
  • CNC Machine Programming
    • Program 4 & 5 axis 4 th generation CNC Machines, with latest software, that facilitates multiple operations in single set-up.
  • Assemblies
    • Establish assembly methods, including fixtures and ancillary equipment required.
    • Create “phantom numbers” to reduce lead time.
  • Cost estimating
    • Provide cost estimates for pricing new or modified products’
    • Conduct periodic verification of production rates to ensure system data is current.
  • Conduct time cycles and/or motion analysis.
  • Cost Improvements.
    • Recommend and submit cost improvements such as minimize burrs during machining.
  • Purify database
    • Verify production rates
  • Conduct tool life studies.
  • Update cutting speed and feed charts.
    • Keep current with latest cutting tool materials, design, style and others.
  • Tool Storage
    • Ensure tools are protected.
  • Tool Pre-setters
    • Ensure accuracy with minimum time.
  • Support
    • Sales
    • Production
    • Purchasing
    • Quality